Before I even begin my analysis though I am going to just give you the download links to my new HUD setup so that you can start using it at the tables yourself.Poker Manager - Poker Tracker. 299. Chronos ICT Productivity. Everyone. #1 TEXAS HOLDEM POKER OFFLINE, NO INTERNET HOLDM POKER, BEST TEXAS POKER GAME. Free.If you are ever in doubt, just hover your mouse over the stat on your HUD and it will give you the number of opportunities that your opponent has had to perform that specific action.I have been using your Pokertracker HUD for awhile now and it is the best one I have ever seen for the micros.Reply Delete Replies BlackRain79 January 1, 2015 at 6:26 PM Good idea Thanos.

One of the great things about Pokertracker 4 is that it is very easy to customize your HUD.I have found that this is a huge weakness in even some of the very best regs at these stakes.Are there a good computer programs one could use for learning No Limit Texas Hold'em? Many responses say that best way is to play with real oponents but I would like.Delete Reply DalTXColtsFan October 15, 2013 at 5:58 PM This comment has been removed by the author.

When referring to my HUD at the tables, 90% of the time I can get all of the information that I need to know from this group of stats alone.I have never seen anything this comprehensive on setting up your HUD.I only bought poker tracker last week, so does it only begin gathering data on other players since the time you purchased it.Once they get hard-wired into my brain I will remove them which will help clear up space.Though Hold’em Manager outlines which poker sites their software is compatible with, it does not go into detail about which of those sites allow or prohibit its use. The Major Issues with the Status Quo. Unauthorized EPA software and other similar tracking sites pose a unique problem to these leading online poker sites.

Since my hud is limited in scope and customization I use all of the features that I can.Enter the Alias name. Click OK. This will be the name that all Aliases will be combined under.Delete Reply Trio365 August 8, 2016 at 9:43 PM You are awesome, I love you:) Reply Delete Replies BlackRain79 August 8, 2016 at 11:51 PM:) Delete Reply Markus Wrulich August 29, 2016 at 5:26 AM Thanks a lot just registered to your site searching for a good HUD setting.At the very lowest stakes (NL2, NL4 and NL5) there are still terrible players everywhere with huge leaks in their game.I used to use red for tight, yellow for semi-loose and green for loose though.I like being able to see at a quick glance whether opponents are nits, tags, lags, fish.

BLACK CHIP POKER THEY GET THE WINNING HAND WRONG. Poker Tracker 4 is a great HUD. I used the original PokerTracker back in the day until Holdem Manager.Reply Delete Replies BlackRain79 November 2, 2013 at 6:22 PM I think PT4 is a lot easier to use and just looks a lot better overall.Get Paul Mogote's full business profile, phone number & email as President @ A.M.P. Enterprises | the latest version of my HUD (especially the Full one) I have a lot more stuff on my screen now.Lastly, make sure you pick up my free ebook which will teach you the exact strategy that I have used to crush the micro stakes for some of the highest winrates ever recorded.Poker Edge Review >>>Go to. The problem when new players purchase poker tracking software such as Poker Office or Holdem Manager is that the HUD. Name. Mail.Useful stat for determining how often they will fold if I 4Bet them.

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Your HUD (heads up display) is arguably your most important weapon at the poker tables especially after you get beyond NL2 and NL5. You ha.However, if a situation arises where I think it might be profitable and I have a massive sample on a reg, this stat can be useful.

This stat requires an enormous sample but it can be useful in some situations against regs.

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However, as long as you know that the numbers are reliable then these stats can make finding the weak spots in their game pretty easy.Once again sample size concerns can definitely be an issue with some of these stats, especially the turn and the river ones.A handy sitemap for ThePokerBank. so page names like "FAQ" and "WSOP" end up looking like "Faq" and. Holdem Manager Guide; Holdem Manager Hud; Texas Holdem.5、 强大的HUD. Holdem Manager 添加上所有能. 如果你操作无误的话,Player Names(玩家姓名)将在“Players attached to Alias.Having a good HUD setup that allows you to get the information that you need as efficiently as possible can make all the difference in the world to your bottom line.Below is a video walk through of both versions of my custom HUD.

Reply Delete Alex November 2, 2013 at 3:15 AM Just noticed this, but why the switch to pt4.

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Thanks again Reply Delete Replies BlackRain79 October 2, 2013 at 8:24 PM Hi Justin, Ya I thought about including Fold to Steal.Percentage of the time someone raises when it is folded to them in the CO, BTN or SB.Name: Last Version: Most Popular:. PA Hud reads the statistics from PokerTracker and places them directly on the poker client window as you. Holdem Manager,.I want to know what percentage of the time they CBet on each street.THANK YOU Reply Delete Replies BlackRain79 August 8, 2016 at 8:09 PM Hi solo, Nope sorry.

HUD for live poker. Displays. to players who have used Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager for online. an enhanced version of the Donkey Tracker.

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Hold'em and Omaha Manager; holdem manager hud locations. next to the right names, or is it that the boxes size are wrong/all. Hold'em and Omaha Manager.This comprehensive zoom poker strategy guide was last updated in 2018.Unibet Poker HUD; Poker Tracker Review; Holdem Manager Review;. What Went Wrong?. Discount Holdem Indicator HUD.Here are the Right Holdem Manager / PokerTracker 3 Stats for. People look at the wrong stats when. heads up HUD yourself. Ive even told you what stats are.

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Please choose the product you would like support for. Holdem. PokerTracker 2 - Omaha. PokerTracker 2 - Stud. Poker Ace HUD.

The major stat missing from your HUD that I think is essential is Fold to Steal.HUD stat definition list If you are having issues with any stats we recommend you review the hud stat definition list to make sure you understand how it is calculated.Here is an example of what my Full HUD actually looks like on the poker table.This is a discussion on PokerTracker or HoldemManager within the. Is HoldEm Manager best HUD?. topic said to me that you couldnt go wrong whatever you.Make sure that you have at least 100 hands on your opponent before relying on the information that this stat provides.